pacu front page MAIN top pageOur PACU Handout Collection is available as a book. Effectively bound with a coil binding. Printed on hight quality laser paper. 

You can print your own handouts, if you have a nice and cheap printer. There are 168 pages, of which 88 are in color.

We offer a book of all the handouts covering the seven videos. We have collected all these handouts and added an extensive keyword index, which may be helpful when searching for specific topics in the presentations. 

The 168-page book is in full color and includes the handouts for all seven videos, as well as a Table of Content and the Keyword Index. It comes nicely bound with a spiral binding, allowing you to place the book flat on the table. This way, you can take notes while you watch the videos.

You can buy this book for only $38.00 (includes shipping and handling), which just cover our cost of printing and mailing. You may not be able to print it this cheap on your own printer!


You can order via our secure PayPal ordering system.