Neuro A & P review answers

1) The temporal lobe is primarily concerned with?
    A. Perception and recognition of sounds

2) Memory is primarily processed in the?
    A. Temporal lobe

3) Match the following cranial nerves in the correct order Olfactory, Hypoglossal, Vagus, Facial?
    D. I – XII – X – VII

4) Which cranial nerve is the “largest”?
    B. CN X

5) Which cranial nerve is the only one that exits the posterior side of the brainstem”
    C. CN IV

6) How many cranial nerves are responsible for eye movements?
    C. Three: Oculomotor (CN III), Trochlear (CN IV) and Abducens (CN VI)

7) Which two cranial nerves carry sensory information regarding blood pressure to the brain?
    A. CN IX and CN X

8) The anterior fontanelle closes at?
    D. 24 months

9) Cerebrospinal fluid is mostly?
    C. Isotonic

10) Two major arteries feeding the Circle of Willis are?
      B. Basilar arteries and Vertebral arteries

11) Neuronal activity in the brain cell account for _____% of energy use?
      C. 60 %

12) Hyperglycemia will exacerbate global hypoxic brain injury due to?
     A. Acidosis

13) The EEG becomes isoelectric at which body core temperature?
      D. 68 °F

14) Luxury perfusion is?
      C. Increased blood flow and decreased oxygen use

15) The Robin Hood phenomenon is also called?
      A. Inverse steal phenomenon