Storm Anesthesia coming to You?

Storm Anesthesia Manual

Storm Anesthesia is a full service review course business. We write anesthesia review material, we author anesthesia books, we run our own publishing company, and also give anesthesia review courses.

If you have a need for a review course, we will be happy to come to your facility and help you out. We do our standard 2-day review course for a fixed fee per student. This fee covers all expenses for Storm Anesthesia as well as one Storm Anesthesia Manual - SAM for each paying student in the course. Many students and faculty have expressed a need to stretch this material over a longer time period. For many students it is just too much to stay vigilant and fully absorb the information over two long days. If this sounds like your need, we also offer our 3-day course covering the same material.

Storm Anesthesia covers many major topics of anesthesia in a review format, e.g. autonomic nervous system, pharmacology, cardiac, respiratory, physics, regional, obstetrics, pediatrics, liver/kidney, and neuro. Our Storm Anesthesia Manual covers many additional topics, which we do not have time to incorporate into a few days of review. We also utilize one or two board focused Question/Answer session(s). For these sessions we divide the class into smaller groups, discuss the questions within the group, before we go over the topic with the full class. This gives the students a great opportunity to engage and learn. We use these sessions to give tips on how to use Questions/Answers effectively in a study plan.

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